About Soundscape Studio

Soundscape Studio is a one-woman design studio rooted in Fayetteville, Arkansas that uses popular music to create colorful, contemporary art.

I’m Macy, the designer behind Soundscape Studio.

I am a freelance graphic designer and have played piano for over 10 years. No, I don’t have synesthesia, but I am a very visual person and creating patterns makes my brain happy. The idea for Soundscapes came to me while watching a DJ mix music with a light show timed perfectly to change with every new sound. I decided to use the idea to create a Valentine's Day gift for my wife, Anna (good at graphic design, bad at music) to help her understand what it is about the piano that intrigues me so much— basically using my love language to speak to her in her love language.

It was well received, and after doing the first one, I was completely hooked. I’ve continued to build out the series and don’t plan to stop anytime soon, so please check out my website and request awesome songs to add to the collection! Each request I get is a piece of someone that contributes to this series in a vital way. I want the songs to reflect the individuals that requested them in order to create a collective consciousness of music.

So keep the random requests coming! Surprise me. Challenge me. Help me teach people about music.