Your favorite song, visualized—designer Macy Burr transforms music scores into colorful, geometric artwork.

How It Works

Each color represents a different note and the rhythm is shown through the length of the shape. The top line of each couplet represents the melody and the bottom line represents the harmony. With this system, I can depict any song.


I ordered the Debussy - Claire de Lune piece for my niece for Christmas. She plays the piano (she is quite good) and also dabbles in art - so this was the perfect gift for her. She absolutely loved it. It was also my favorite gift I gave out this season.

- Manny | 12/26/2021

I bought this as an anniversary gift for my wife ( it was our first dance song). She absolutely loved it! The print is really beautiful and Macy was extremely helpful with any questions and issues I had.

- Joe | 11/2/2020

This is the song I chose to acknowledge my late mother (Mary), but I wanted something different from calligraphy or printed words. This soundscape is perfection. It's unusual and colorful, and has become a conversation piece.

- Jennifer | 8/3/2020