So what exactly are these?

Soundscapes are graphic representations of music scores. Each different color represents a different note and the length of the shape is the length of the note. The top line of each couplet represents the melody and the bottom line is the harmony, and so each piece essentially reads like a piano score.

Do you offer alternative color palettes?

Not currently. When I created the color palette, I assigned a color to every note in the staff. By eliminating colors to try and make it a more specific palette (for example, blues and greens), it would just be eliminating "notes" from the artwork and then it wouldn't function properly as a legible song anymore. I can transpose the song into a different key to try and achieve more notes of a specific color, but each song will still portray the number of colors that coincides with the number of notes in the song.

Does each Soundscape represent the entire song?

Sometimes. It depends on the length of the song. Most of the songs have been abridged to accommodate the square format which I have intentionally created to mimic the size and shape of a vinyl record. Each piece typically contains a verse or two, a bridge, and a chorus that captures my interpretation of the essence of the song.

How long does it take to produce?

Most songs take somewhere between 5 to 10 hours for me to create because I manually transpose the song note by note. It’s just as tedious as it sounds. I work on custom requests in the order that I receive them, and there may be up to 5 orders in line ahead of your personal order. So the total time from creation to printing and shipping is usually about 4-6 weeks.

Do you ship internationally?

Not typically. However, I am happy to create a custom Soundscape and email a digital copy with printing instructions so that you can get it printed yourself.

Can you do any song?

Short answer — yes. However, it is much easier for me to do songs that have some sort of sheet music transcription online. I have done songs without sheet music before, but those require that I pick out the song by ear on the piano which takes much longer and is much harder. Because of the extra time involved, these orders require a $50 additional fee.

Do you offer framing?

Not currently. However, I highly recommend www.framebridge.com.

What do I do if my shipment is damaged?

Please take a photo of the damaged print(s) and send to hello@soundscapeart.com and I will happily send another one free of charge.

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