Macy Burr is a designer and artist based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

How It Works

I assigned a color to each note on the musical staff, and a length to each note based on its rhythmic value. The shapes are split into rows representing melody and harmony, so each piece mimics sheet music format.

Every song follows the same color system, a decision inspired by the concept of generative design and the systemic nature of music.

Together, these elements of design not only construct the compositions but also reveal mathematical relationships between notes and chords that may not come across through traditional notation.

Artist Statement

Music is a language. You can read it, write it, and hear it. Music has the power to make us laugh, cry, think and question, and even share experiences through time. Yet, there is a component of music that exists beyond verbal expression.

I began creating Soundscapes to make music theory more accessible; to allow us to experience music with other senses, and to add another dimension to the language of music itself.

My goal is to reveal a new expression of the transcendent musical experiences we love so much while also finding new and creative ways to teach simple musical concepts.